Vamp Camp

be A Little Wicked, be Never Naked™

Not all of your consumers are on the innocent side of sexy.This group of women is drawn to dark, kinky designs.Whether Halloween is approaching or not, “Vamp Camp” ladies prefer bold, exotic and naughty lingerie.At a time in pop culture when Vampire Chic is more than abundant, a wicked lady of the night is this consumer’s fantasy.This particular category of lingerie has a much broader fan base than one might think.It could be for a career woman who transforms her bedroom into a place of fantasy. For an exotic dancer, this line could serve as her work wardrobe.“Never Naked” provides amazing undergarments for every walk of life.We are not here to judge, but to please your consumer.

The “Vamp Camp” customer may also be a customer of Fredericks of Hollywood or Spencer’s Gifts.She will enjoy pieces that are over-the-top sexy, often with cut-outs in some very specific areas.This consumer will be searching for items that are too risqué for other lingerie stores, such as Victoria’s Secret.She is also a fan of sexy costume, whether it be to spice up a relationship, work as a dancer, or for the most famous costume event, Halloween.

To bring fantasies to life, this naughty collection will include sexy costumes with detachable and adjustable garters and sexy cut-outs.Costumes will feature polyester, nylon and spandex fabrics and may invoke the spirit of the ever popular French maid or a naughty fairytale character.Your consumer will also find tantalizing corsets of stretch jacquard and embroidered appliqué trim in sexy colors such as black, red and turquoise.Naughty lace-up panties will reveal screen prints and tattoo hearts.The model for a member of “Vamp Camp” could be a wildly seductive woman in a black braset with sexy cut-outs.

Do not be afraid to appeal to your exotic dancer, Halloween shopper or kinky mistress.Give them fun, devilish pieces that they can flaunt proudly in their own fantasies.They are looking for a world of mystery, seduction and naughty fun.Welcome them to “Vamp Camp”, where it is more than okay to “ Be A Little Wicked, Be Never Naked .”