Voluptuous Vixens

be Confident, be Revealed, be Never Naked™

Beautiful women of the world come in all shapes and sizes. While that may sound like a cliché, it is absolutely true. Just because a woman cannot fit into a g-string designed for a size 2 starlet, this should never under any circumstance lead her to believe that she is any less sexy. Women of full, luscious curves are being recognized more and more with the public outcries of curvy celebrities such as former supermodel Tyra Banks and actress Queen Latifah. These women are beautiful and talented, and want the world to stop worshipping a figure of famine. Unfortunately for the consumer, most lingerie brands have not yet caught on.

A woman walks into a store and immediately sees a delicate lace bra of luxurious lilac, adorned with tiny teal bows. Excited at the prospect of owning such a beautiful piece of lingerie, she immediately begins to search for her size, a 38D. To her dismay, the largest size for this piece is a 34C. She is disappointed, but not surprised. It almost seems as if lingerie brands are proudly proclaiming, “If you are one size above our lovely mannequins, don’t expect to wear anything sexy, because you are not.” This is a terribly twisted way of thinking and should be changed. With “Voluptuous Vixens”, we intend to do just that.

Most of the products in this line will come in dark, romantic hues which will draw attention to the fabric, and away from any physical flaws. Picture a curvaceous woman in a midnight navy bra of an elegant stretch lace. Side bands are a bit thicker, hiding any extra skin that the woman may normally be self-conscious about. Paired with the bra, the woman wears a matching bikini panty of the same lace. She feels and looks nothing less than amazing, and we never once told her she was not the right shape for our product. Chemises and nightgowns of satin will be included, also in dark colors and sometimes using a luxurious velvet for the winter season. Shape wear and body foundations are important to women of all sizes, especially the more curvy. While every woman should be proud of her body, shape wear with such features as panels to flatten and shape the tummy and back will provide a sexier, sleeker shape under clothing .

Convey without question, that you are proud to provide beautiful undergarments to the curvy consumer. Tell her to “ Be Confident, Be Revealed, Be Never Naked ”. She will feel as if she has finally found the one who truly understands her, and she will become very loyal.